Why You Should Choose LBM Accounting Services

LBM Accounting Services is an accounting outsourced company that provides the support, objectivity, and expertise law firms and businesses need to achieve their goals. We offer a broad spectrum of accounting, financial, and consulting services to give legal offices and enterprises the financial insight they need to increase their revenue.

The accounting services professionals at LBM provide each client with value. The main difference between LBM and the competition is our attention to your law firm and business.

LBM team consists of customer-focused professionals who provide personal attention to your business. We work as an extension of your law firm or business and not just an outsourced service as other accounting firms.


LBM will save you time, reduce overheads, and improved accuracy by taking charge of your current account plan, including:

  • Private Billing
    • Billing cycle
    • Next billing dates
    • Posting bills
    • Monitoring wip for billing
  • COFA Reporting
    • Detecting potential or actual breaches

Bank Reconciliations

Having a certified bookkeeper to handle your bank accounts is what you will get at LBM. We understand what it means for you to have a clear view of your law firm’s cash. Our reconciliation services include:

  • Client Ledger and Bank Reconciliations
    • Daily and monthly reconciliation of client and office
    • Setting up payments
    • Paying third-parties as money comes in

At LBM, we will account for all money movement to satisfy your SRA Accounts Rules, CLC Accounts Code, or Scottish Accounts Rules Obligations.


As a businessman, owning a law firm, you do not have time to spend your time researching your law firm accounting aspects. LBM will reduce your overhead by providing regular management and reports of full payroll processing.

Our accounting services include:

  • Accounting
    • Month Ends
    • Vat Returns
    • Tax Returns
  • Payroll
  • Purchase Ledger
    • Dealing with third parties

Credit Control

It is a vital part of our job to help you reduce bad debts and improve the cash flow in your business.

Our credit control services include:

  • Credit Control
    • Monitoring both third parties invoices and client invoices
    • Contacting clients for payments of outstanding balances
    • Arranging payment agreements

Here at LBM, we know that accounting and finance management is not just about recording transactions is about helping you implement a better strategy to move towards growth and profits.

You have to remember that the way you manage your finances can determine the success or failure of your law firm or business. LBM is here to help you succeed, contact us TODAY!

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