Legal Aid Billing

LBM works in partnership with each law firm to provide a complete and hassle free billing services. We take away the time consuming legal aid billing and return it with the LAA assessments ready to be posted and receipted on your accounting software.

By using LBM you will:

  • Free up fee earner capacity to deal with non-legal tasks
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce LAA rejections and improve your KPIs
  • Improve Cash Flow

Our Software

LBM is always committed at looking at new innovations and software to help improve the outsourcing of legal aid billing and help reduce costs. Some of the software that we partner with to help improve the relationship and reducing costs:



Save time: No more late nights spent assembling bundles. Plus we have LPC students on hand to help create bundles for law firms should you require a flexible paralegal for use as and when.

Link App

All our clients are set up on link app. Your legal aid billing stages at the palm of your hands. A powerful platform that keeps our clients instantly informed and real time updates. Fee earners can follow their case against a visual tracking tool, plus sign and instantly send documents to your case handlers at LBM.