Credit Control: Why LBM?

Frustrated by number of late payments from clients?


Looking to minimise late payments and bad debts?

You might not have these concerns at present but if you do then you are not alone and we can help.

When your invoices are overdue you might go through the standard process of sending reminders and chasing the client for updates that seem endless at times. Avoiding at best to sending that last letter threatening legal action as at the end of the day you want your firm to have a good reputation with its clients.

If your current accounts team hadn’t been able to collect the payment by this point, then its time to outsource and let us take away all the hassle of chasing overdue debt!

You need a well-rounded credit control team on your side. LBM will manage your credit control allowing you to concentrate on the rest of your business.

By using our credit control service, we will follow up your debtors with a debt collection letter the day after your invoice is due and move the process forward from there. It is this type of control which will increase payment and reduce the amount of old debt.

LBM will:

  • Reduce number of late payments along with the problems and concerns they cause
  • Minimise your bad debt and the worry it inevitably produces
  • Develop a custom-tailored credit control and debt collection strategy.
  • Trace your debtors if needed
  • Negotiate repayment plans should this be necessary
  • Help you put the right processes in place.