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'We save law firms time and money by providing compliant hassle-free legal aid billing and accounting solutions'

About the Firm

LBM Accounting Services is an accounting outsourced company that provides the support, objectivity, and expertise law firms and businesses need to achieve their goals. We offer a broad spectrum of accounting, financial, and consulting services to give legal offices and enterprises the financial insight they need to increase their revenue.

The accounting services professionals at LBM provide each client with value. The main difference between LBM and the competition is our attention to your law firm and business.

LBM team consists of customer-focused professionals who provide personal attention to your business. We work as an extension of your law firm or business and not just an outsourced service as other accounting firms.

LBM will save you time, reduce overheads, and improved accuracy by taking charge of your accounting.


Legal Aid Billing

Experts in Legal Aid billing who will oversee all your legal aid matters from start to finish. From making sure that applications are filled in correctly to submitting court and LAA assessments to receiving the remittance advices. While a case might take years to finish LBM will monitor and make sure that no billing slips the net and produces a healthy cash flow.

credit control

Looking to improve your credit control? Let the experts take control and help you get paid faster and maintain a healthy cash flow. Maintaining a healthy cash flow is a vital aspect to running a successful business. At LBM we not only understand how difficult it is to get paid but also the frustrating distraction in having a chase outstanding invoice. That's why our outsourced credit control service dedicates time, attention and expertise to improve results and allow you the time in managing your case loads.


Performing your own accounting in house can be a real roller coaster that is both time and costs consuming. Let LBM effectively remove the frustrating distraction from your day to day responsibilities by providing the best cost and time effective alternative: outsourced accounting.                                                                              

Accounts and payroll

From day to day reporting to month end management accounts. Outsource as much or as less of your accounts as you prefer to a specifically assigned accountant. Let our accounts monitor and provide ongoing feedback on all aspects of your business finances.

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